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At Redwood Mountain Publishing, we turn big ideas into stories that inspire and entertain. 

Our Story

 Welcome to Redwood Mountain Publishing—your gateway to adventure with every page you turn!


Our love for storytelling and our dream to spark imaginations have led us here. We're excited to share stories that not only entertain but also enlighten, resonating with both young minds and those young at heart.

At Redwood Mountain, we cherish stories that whisk us away on grand adventures, impart valuable lessons, and forge connections. Our tales feature lovable, relatable characters and vivid worlds, crafted to keep you hooked and inspire you to explore the bounds of your imagination.

Our books are gateways to creativity, encouraging readers to think, dream, and imagine. Each story is an adventure in itself, lovingly told and bound, aiming to nurture a lifelong passion for reading. We pride ourselves on creating connections through our stories, be it a young person finding their new favorite tale or a parent picking the perfect story to read at bedtime.

We're all about community and interaction. Join us on social media, at author events, or through our fun reading challenges. We're here to keep the adventure alive, even after the last page is turned. Our commitment to sparking your imagination is as strong as our dedication to listening and responding to our readers, making the reading experience rich and engaging.

Whether you’re diving into a new book, catching up with our newsletter, or chatting in our book club, we promise experiences that entertain, inspire, and satisfy the adventurer in you. At Redwood Mountain Publishing, we do more than publish books—we create journeys that inspire and change lives.

Come find your next great adventure at Redwood Mountain—it's just a page turn away!


Meet the Team

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