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“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life”

Mark Twain

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Redwood Mountain Publishing is dedicated to turning big ideas into books and sharing them with the world. Our authors range from young adults to seasoned professionals. We're just getting started, so sign up with the Book Launch Horde to be notified of our new releases!

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Spanning the Literary Spectrum

As a new publishing company, our authors span almost every publishing genre and include the best burgeoning literary talents. Stay tuned for individual author bios.

Soothing Bell
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The Copper Bell Poet

Poetry and Mental Health

Mental Health and Fitness

R.M. Pubb

Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction

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At Redwood Mountain Publishing, we are always working on the next big idea. We're just getting started, so take a look at what's coming soon and what's in the works.

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By The Copper Bell Poet

Copper Thoughts exposes the creativity and genius of a young girl learning to live with Bipolar Disorder. Known as the Copper Bell Poet, her poetry explores the light and dark nature of humankind, both within herself and in the world around her. The poems were written between the ages of ten and twelve. It is hard to gauge what is more inspiring, that someone so young could articulate such big thoughts, or that someone struggling to find balance could write so poignantly about the human condition. The Copper Bell Poet will inspire both youth and adult to explore their own feelings and the state of the world around them.

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J.B. Whitaker, Ph.D.

Have you ever struggled with unwanted weight gain or sticking to a diet and exercise routine? Ph.D. economist J.B. Whitaker has experienced alternating life periods of extreme fitness and extreme weight gain. He journaled experiences from his daily life that reminded him he might be on the highway to heaviness. In the first section of this book, he shares many of those humorous anecdotes to let readers who struggle with weight know he can honestly relate. In the second section, Dr. Whitaker uses basic principles from economics and his own mental health journey to illuminate reasons people fail in their preferred diet and exercise system. He shares four mantras you can adopt to overcome barriers to weight loss and be successful at any diet and exercise journey you wish to undertake. 




By The Copper Bell Poet

Poetry and lessons learned by the Copper Bell Poet on how to deal with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

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Round Podium



R.M. Pubb

Hanna Storm is getting the surprise of a lifetime for her 14th birthday: a ride on the world’s first commercial space cruise. Her dream-come-true turns into a nightmare when her parents and the other passengers are abducted by aliens. Mustering her courage, Hanna pursues the aliens and is determined to rescue her parents no matter the cost. She finds herself alone in a distant galaxy, but with the help of new alien friends and a few unexpected humans she meets along the way, Hanna sets out on her greatest adventure yet. Whether it’s standing up to space bullies or teaching the galaxy about girl power, Hanna overcomes every obstacle the universe throws at her, but is it enough to rescue her parents in time to prevent a large-scale invasion of Earth?

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