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“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life”

Mark Twain

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Redwood Mountain Publishing is dedicated to turning big ideas into books and sharing them with the world. Our authors are as unique as the books they write. We're just getting started, so sign up with the Book Launch Horde to be notified of our new releases!

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We are not taking submissions at this time.

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At Redwood Mountain Publishing, we value your time and your privacy. We NEVER sell or share your information, including your email address, to any person or entity for any reason. We use your email to contact you only when we have announcements such as book launches, special events, author engagements, and so forth. Even though we never sell or share your information, we provide the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link below to ensure compliance with privacy regulations from a variety of jurisdictions.

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